Melissa Pipkin, RDN


Are you seeking a solution to your pain, digestive issues & lack of energy?

A personalized nutrition plan will help you help your body heal and run better.
I know. I’ve helped people just like you identify and make their better nutrition choices

How We Work Together

I assess where you are now.

What are you eating? What are you NOT eating? Your – activity level, hydration, medications, sleep, stress, supplements, budget/access to food, goals and more – it’s about YOU!

I figure out what your body needs.

You need more than a list of “eat this, not that”.  One size does not fit all – let’s figure out what you need.

I share the roadmap with you.

We work together to develop an approachable,  realistic and delicious plan. 

We make choices together, track and adjust the plan to meet your better health goals!

I meet you where you are and we make adjustments together ,step by step, to get you to your better health goal.

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What Are People Saying About Nourishing You?


“After over 30 years of dealing with health issues I found the LEAP program through Melissa Pipkin.  My improvement has been dramatic and my ultimate goal of getting off medication entirely seems within reach.  I couldn’t be more delighted!” – Helen

“My experience with Melissa and the LEAP/MRT program has been so helpful.  I knew there were some things about my diet that were causing me to be uncomfortable almost daily – but I could not quite figure it out.  Melissa was kind and patient, as well as full of useful suggestions.  It is obvious that she has a good deal of background and knowledge about nutrition – I felt like I was in good hands!  I am very pleased with the way I feel now – I don’t think about my “gut” on almost a constant basis like I used to!  This program has definitely given me my life back!” – Kate

About Melissa

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Melissa has over two decades of experience as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in a variety of health care settings.

“I love helping people find a happy and healthy relationship with food. I founded Nourishing YOU Nutrition so that I can use a holistic approach to nutrition education.”

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